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India’s First 3D Edutainment Company

Now Organize 3D Student Film Festival In Your School !!!



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To Organize Student Film Festival Events In Your School Contact Us.

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What Makes Us The Number 1 Choice


We offer 3D education and entertainment in your school premises.


We bring 3D experience to your premises at a very low and affordable price.


3D content helps enhance visualization power and also the brain cells.


Content is purely educational and informative for all students from nursery to 12th.

In Our 3D Film Festival We Show 4 Short 3D Movies

Watch Our Short Video Presentation

Unique in India

Student’s film festival has been established for a cause to provide good educational 3D movies to the students in various towns and villages in India. From past many years, thousands of movies are produced but rarely there are movies for students. Government has built 22 planetariums in the different cities of the country to provide the students with these types of educational 3d films but not every student can afford the expenses to go there and watch the films. So through 3D student’s Film Festival the school students of various villages and cities of the country are shown the 3D movies of the International level on big screen through the projector and 3D glasses in their respective schools at the minimum cost.

Cost effective

To show 3D movies, school have to take students in science city or planetariums which become very costly for students. But in our 3D Student Film Festival event we will come to the school premises so that students can watch international movies at a very low cost.

Unique Experience

Through 3D student Film Festival event we assure you that students will feel extremely happy to watch 3d movies in their schools only.

Frequently Asked Questionses

How much time the entire session takes?

30 Minutes.

How many students required for show?

We require minimum 250 students for organizing the SFF 3D.

What are the arrangements required from school?

We require an hall/ classroom which should be closed by windows or dark curtains & electricity.

Movies available in which language?

English and Hindi.

What Principals Have To Say

I would like to thank all the people working in Student Film Festival organization. You all are working very hard. We would like to request you to continue doing such an appreciating work. Student Film Festival works with such a determination and great sincerity in giving good service.

Army Public School

Your commitment to excellence has inspired others. We appreciate your innovative thinking. We will definitely recommend more schools to take the benefit of Student Film Festival in 3D event.

Don Bosco School

What a privilege! the movies are filled with such an amazing 3d effects. ! We all members and directors thanks Student Film Festival members that you people are doing a wonderful job.

Maharana pratap school

3D effects in the movies and 3d glasses used are very good and clean. All the arrangements were very good.

Jankidevi Public School

The movies are very entertaining and appreciating arrangements were done. On behalf of my students, I extend my warmest appreciation for your great initiative to come here. Thank you all very much.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

It was a great event! We all staff and students had really enjoyed the program, the team was very coordinating. It was worth arranging Student Film Festival event for our school.

St. Thomas High School

3d concept is quite challenging and organizing this show in a small centre like ours I appreciate the enormous effort put in by many people of your organization.

Thakur International School

The 3d show is organized in school according to the school day and time so it is very convenient for the school. The content was highly educative and knowledgeable for school students.

Delhi Public School

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